Heavy Duty Hard Drive Shredders

Our Heavy Duty hard drive shredders are the best value in the industry. These machines are direct driven so there is no belt that can ever break and need to be replaced resulting in downtime and additional maintenance cost.

All of our hard drive shredders are manufactured with a powder coated finish, offering greater durability and corrosion resistance than a traditional painted finish. Our cutters are manufactured from the same material jack hammer bits are manufactured from, making them extremely durable and exceptionally long lasting.

HD shredders are capable of shredding most standard hard drives up to 1″ thick, in addition to backup tapes, DVD’s, cell phones and assorted e-waste. The HDs are designed for stationary applications or to be installed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding.

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Hard Drive Shredder Specifications:

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Model # Power Requirements in Voltage Motor Output in HP Infeed Dimensions W/H Inches Shred Width Standard Drives Per Hour Weight Lbs. Size L/W/H Inches Downloadable Specs
HD150 120V 120* 1.5 5/2 1.5" 150-180 1,300 45/21/44
HD150 208,230,460 1.5 5/2 1.5" 180-200 1,300 45/21/44
HD300 208,230,460 3 5/2 1.5" 550-600 1,700 45/21/44
HD300 .75" 208,230,460 3 5/2 .75" 275-300 1,800 45/21/444
*Single phase power option available for 150HD, 1.5″shred width only and requires a dedicated 20 amp circuit