Hard Drive Shredders

To ensure complete security and destruction of valuable data stored on electronic media, hard drive shredders are the most effective solution. Better Shredders offers shredding equipment capable of destroying hard drives, smartphones, laptops, circuit boards, and other data storage units.

Simply deleting a hard drive or wiping a laptop is not enough these days to securely remove information. Data can still be recovered and pieced back together by those who have the skills to do so.

The total and proper destruction of these devices is the only way to ensure that you are not leaving this information accessible to would be hackers and cyber thieves.

We offer three different lines of hard drive shredders and 13 model options. Our heavy duty line of shredders can handle the destruction of anywhere from 90 to 600 hard drives per hour, while our super heavy duty line can chew through upwards of 2400 hard drives per hour.”

Heavy Duty Hard Drive Shredders
Extra Heavy Duty Hard Drive Shredders
Super Heavy Duty Hard Drive Shredders
Hard Drive Shredder Options and Accessories

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