Space Saver Package

The complete, secure hard drive & solid-state media disposal solution. The SPACESAVER Compliance Package includes the HD-2SS Degausser, the NSA/CSS EPL- listed PD-5plus hard drive destroyer, SSD-1 solid-state media destroyer, SSD-CADDY, SSD-MT10 media transport sleeves, and the SCAN-1 media destruction report generating scanner and software. Ideal in compact office spaces, the PD-5 fits securely on top of the SSD-Caddy that conveniently holds the SSD-1 and SSDMT media sleeves.

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Space Saver Package:

Space Saver Package Included
HD-2XT PD-5 SSD-CADDY SSD-1 SCAN-1 SSD-MT10 Downloadable Specs
Click for HD-2XT Info Click for PD-5 Info Click for SSD-1 Info