PD-5 Solid State Destroyer

The PD-5 Data Destroyer is capable of destroying hard drives as well as solid state media making it arguably the most versatile device of it’s kind. Features include an LCD display, a 9 second cycle for two standard hard drives and an optional SSD/Flash Media destruction insert (SSD-1). At 72 pounds, the PD-5’s all aluminum chassis, motor and main components make it the lightest hard drive destroyer available as well as completely recyclable.

The PD-5 has been engineered with an automatic High-Torque Sensor that allows the crushing wedge to move at high speed to the media and then optimize speed for maximum crushing power. The PD-5 automatically destroys all formats and sizes of hard drives including Network SCSI and IDE Drives up to 1.66″ in height. The PD-5 doesn’t rely on software, therefore it will destroy, in just 9 seconds, all working and non-working hard drives put in the chamber. A simple push of a button will ensure complete hard drive destruction.

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PD-5 Specifications

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PD-5 Specifications
Power Supply 100-240V ±5%, 50 or 60 Hz – Standard
Power Consumption 1.5 Operating 7A MAX @ 120VAC
Crush Time 360 standard drives per hour
Destruction Capacity 1 full height 1.66 inch hard drive
2 standard 1 inch hard drives
8 laptop drives
WITH optional SSD-1: SSD's, flash, compact flash, USB thumb drives and hybrid HDD control boards
Operating Environment 41°F-104°F (5°C-40°C)
Humidity: 10 to 80% (non-condensing)
Weight 72 lbs.
Shipping: 79 lbs.
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Note: Hard drives are not reusable after having been destroyed.