HD-3WXL Drive DeGausser

HD-3WXL Drive DeGausser Specifications:

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Model # Image Power Requirements in Voltage Through-Put Per Hour Magnetic Field In Tesla Certifications Erasing Area Size L/W/H Inches Media Weight Machine Size L/W/H Inches Downloadable Specs
HD-3WXL HD-3WXL-H 120 360 0.9 CE, ANSI 6.75 x 4.5 x 1.8 Hard drives, 2.5 type HDD, 3.5 type HDD, DLT, LTO, 3490 formfactors, and more 75 lbs. (25 Kg) Shipping: 95 lbs. (37.64 Kg) 12.25 x 13.125 x 18.75 without slide. 12.25 x 22.625 x 18.75 with slide

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