The SSD-1 (patent pending), is an optional accessory that allows the PD-5 to sanitize solid state media such as SSD, Flash, Compact Flash, USB drives and controller boards for hybrid HDD’s. The SSD-1 simply slides into the PD-5 and the solid state media is then inserted between the two crushing plates. Once the destruction cycle is initiated, over 90 pins pierce the solid state media from top and bottom causing both perforation and waffling which destroy the individual memory chips.

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SSD-1 Specifications

SSD-1 Specifications
Destruction Chamber Dimensions 0.5″ H, 3″ W, 5″ L
Overall Dimensions 2.75″ H, 5″ W, 6.35″ L
Carry Case MilSpec Water Resistant
Destruction Capacity Multiple: Flash, Compact Flash, USB Thumb Drives, Flash chips that fit in the destruction chamber
Weight 8.5 lbs.
Shipping: 12.0 lbs.
Downloadable Specs
Note: Hard drives and flash chips are not reusable after having been destroyed.