Who Is Reading Your Company’s Proprietary Information?

Who is reading your company’s proprietary information?

Tens of Thousands of computers are replaced daily.  When your IT guy appears with the new computer at an employee’s work station, everyone is excited about the speed, capacity, and ease of use of the new equipment.  So excited, in fact, that before the old computer disappears around the corner, it is out of everyone’s mind.  Out of sight, out of mind.

But what happens to that old computer?  And more importantly, what happens to the all that information that is left on its hard drive?  All that personal, confidential, and proprietary information that you spend thousands of dollars to protect from anyone outside your business seeing or even using against you.  The information that your competitors would spend tens of thousands of dollars to read or have in their possession.  The type of information that can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars in lost sales.  Too much of that information ends up in the hands of a computer recycler who may or may not care about protecting all that information.

If your answer is that “we cleaned the hard drive by deleting all of those files”, you might want to consider that all the information that was ever stored on that hard drive is STILL ON THAT HARD DRIVE!  Deleting a file just puts that information into a less visible file that a good forensic computer technician can access and use or even sell to your competitors!

What about degaussing or erasing the information magnetically.  Truth is, that can work, but are you sure it worked for you?  The hard drive still looks the same and how do you know that all the information is actually erased?  You don’t ever really know for sure.  The only way to be assured that the information contained in the hard drive is to physically destroy the hard drive.  How?  A hard drive shredder is the only way to efficiently destroy all the hard drives before the stolen information comes back to haunt you and your company.

Better Shredders specializes in hard drive shredders.  We have helped Police Departments, Universities, Hospitals, Dot.com companies, and many others protect their companies by using one of our hard drive shredders.

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