HDD/SDD Dual Purpose Shredders

 Our dual purpose shredders are unique in that they are capable of shredding both traditional HDDs (Hard Disc Drives) and the newer SSDs (Solid State Drives).Each of these shredders have two separate infeeds. The first infeed is for HDDs and is generally manufactured with 1 ½” shred width cutters. The second infeed is for SSDs and has 3/8” cutters as tighter cutting tolerances are required to ensure adequate destruction of SSDs.

All of our dual purpose shredders are manufactured with a powder coated finish which offers greater durability and corrosion resistance than a traditional painted finish. The cutters are manufactured from the same material jack hammer bits are, making them extremely durable and exceptionally long lasting.

Dual purpose shredders are range in size from 3 HP to 20HP and are capable of shredding standard HDDs, SSDs, server drives, cell phones, tablets, flash drives and assorted e-waste. These shredders are designed for stationary applications and they can also be installed in trucks for on-site mobile shredding.


PD-5 Crushing 2HD copy
for Solid State and HDD Drives
for Solid State and HDD Drives