Hard Drive/Solid Sate Device Shredding – In-House or Contacted Service?

Ok, so you have decided that shredding your old hard drives and solid state devices is the best way to destroy the proprietary and personal information stored on your electronic devices.  Now comes the decision as to whether purchase a hard drive and/or a solid state device shredder or have a service come to your business location to shred these devices for you.

Obviously, if you have 10 hard drives per month, purchasing a hard drive/solid state shredder is not a cost effective way to annihilate these storage devices and if you have 1,000 per month, of course you understand, that owning a hard drive shredder is usually the best way to go.  But what if you have 100 or so hard drives per month.  Is it better to do it in-house or pay for a service?  Well, the answer is very often more complicated than mere economics.

While money is almost always a factor in any business decision, security and complete assurance that the hard drive or solid state devices are destroyed sometimes outweighs the extra dollars it costs to own your hard drive/solid state shredder.  While most hard drive shredding services are completely safe and the companies you would use to contract this service are reliable with bonded employees, are you really sure that every device you sent out the door is being destroyed as promised?  Scanners and videos increase that assurance, one lost hard drive or flash drive in the wrong hands, no matter how it got there, can do a lot of damage to your business!

Police departments, hospitals, colleges, law offices, and dot coms, have chosen to own their hard drive destruction devices even if the cost is a bit higher than contracting the service.   Numerous companies have policies that prevent any other method than doing the shredding in-house, while many more have elected in-house shredding.  A recent study has shown that the average cost for handling one incident of identity theft for a client or employee approaches $4 Million.  With a potential expense like that, no wonder many have chosen to go with the in-house approach.

Those with Hippa Regulations reputation have even more incentive as the cost for each incident is multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of records that can be used by unscrupulous hackers to gather harmful information.  Companies who store proprietary information can lose millions for information that ends up in the hands of their competitors.  Better safe than sorry?  Most who add in the potential cost of lost information to others, choose to go the safer, more secure route and purchase a hard drive/solid state device shredder for in house use.

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