Degaussing vs Hard Drive Shredding

Information destruction is becoming ever more important in our ever growing dependence on electronic devices.  We store our user names, passwords,computer-hacker sensitive files and personal information on our electronic devices and don’t even think about much of what happens to that information when we trade in those devices.  Fortunately we have a choice on how to destroy the information on our hard drives, in our computers, laptops, and copiers as well as the memory chips in our cell phones, flash drives and tablets.

Magnetic destruction, known as degaussing, is an effective way of erasing the personal and/or company sensitive information stored on all of these devices.  As reported on our earlier blogs, simply deleting the file is NOT enough to ensure that our privacy should someone who knows how to acquire the information get hold of our devices when we replace them.  Degaussing, if properly done, is one way to obliterate that susceptible data.  But it needs to be done properly with equipment specifically designed for that purpose.  In other words, a strong magnet, correctly encased to expose the magnetically stored documents to heavy-duty emf’s (electro-magnetic forces) to completely eliminate the data.  At Better Shredders, we sell a full line of Garner Products to cost effectively do the job required.

Garner ts-1

But what about shredding hard drives, servers and SSD’s (Solid State Devices)?  Which is better – degaussing or shredding?  Both meet or exceed all governmental and private standards for complete destruction, but with one key difference.  Shredding provides undisputable physical evidence of complete annihilation of the hard drive and with it all the information stored on the device.  Our hard drive shredders shred whole hard drives and servers into small fragments that clearly cannot be used to retrieve proprietary or personal information.  When combined with a log (either videoed, scanned, or written) of the hard drives or solid state devices, unquestionable proof can be easily provided.



The choice then becomes should we use a service to provide this level of security, or should we do the degaussing or shedding in house providing an even higher level of security?  Many large companies choose to purchase an in house device, but surprisingly, many smaller companies also choose to have a degausser or shredder in house.  The knowledge that the electronic device to be destroyed never leaves the building is well worth the extra investment.


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