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shred-nations-lead-generation-expand-horizonsLead Generation: Expanding Business Marketing Horizons

Frustrated with your current marketing efforts or searching for new advertising avenues to expand your business?

Can you imagine an opportunity to not just find potential customers who are interested in shredding and electronics destruction services—they’re ready to schedule service today?

In an online world where internet marketing is taking over, when companies or individuals are searching for shredding services near them, they’re sitting down at a computer or pulling out a smartphone—not pulling out those dusty phone books anymore.

With hundreds of other sites and companies competing to appear online though, each time your electronics destruction and shredding services don’t come up when customers search for you is a missed business opportunity.

That’s where Shred Nations comes in—expanding the online presence for your shredding services and helping to make the most of your company marketing efforts.

Not Your Normal Lead Generation Service

As with any potential business venture, upon first hearing about Shred Nations many providers may first wonder how the investment in our lead generation services as another available option for finding potential customers can be maximized to the benefit of their company.

Shred Nations specializes in online marketing for shredding and electronics destruction companies—tracking down the businesses and individuals searching for shredding services and sending them your way. Our proven system works to generate hundreds upon thousands of leads each week for a nationwide network of data destruction providers.

Striving to qualify each and every request and ensure we’re sending you only high-quality leads, we work to create a steady stream of new business for independent shredding companies. As a matter of fact, Shred Nations actually doesn’t even consider the easy-to-close leads we send you as “leads”—we like to think of them as sales-ready referrals.

To give you a basic idea, below are the basic steps to the lead generation system:

1. A potential customer interested in shredding or electronics destruction requests service within the selected area you would like to provide your services for.

2. Shred Nations sends you the customer information from the completed service request form in real-time.

3. With this information in hand, you then call the customer back to gather more information on their shredding or electronics destruction project and specific needs.

4. If there’s a good company/customer match, you then schedule a future appointment for shredding or data destruction, and services begin.

Whether it’s a miscommunication or missed appointment, when something goes wrong with one of our sales-ready referrals, Shred Nations also offers referral replacement services free of charge to ensure every one of our shredding partners’ needs are properly met.

Growing Businesses Through the Benefits of a Sales-Ready Referral Generation Services

In past decades, most company marketing plans stuck to a fairly traditional format, typically focusing on standard advertising avenues for attracting customers.

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

Today however, rapid advancement and adoption of electronics and online marketing today has created a wide-reaching demand for shredding and electronics destruction services via the web.

Considering this growing need for businesses to also give attention to their online advertising efforts, now is as good a time as ever for shredding and data destruction companies to consider taking advantage of Shred Nations’ lead generation services if they hope to match the pace of the ever-evolving options businesses and individuals have for finding the services and products they need.

Connecting the customers searching for secure electronics destruction options with reliable shredding and electronics destruction providers, Shred Nations supplies independent shredding companies with a steady stream of new, sales-ready referrals on top of their current clients.

Although some shredding companies use our lead generation services as their exclusive source for finding customers, we help to enhance the marketing efforts of providers looking for extra jobs to fill their trucks as well—offering shredding and electronics destruction companies the option to control their program down to the number of referrals they’re sent.

With lead replacement services for when customers’ needs don’t match your services, sales-ready referrals from Shred Nations serve as a signpost which points customers seeking destruction services directly to shredding companies’ front door—helping to make finding customers the easy part, and shredding services the only thing you need to worry about.

To get started or for more information on how you can grow and develop your business with the help of Shred Nations’ lead generation services, simply give us a call at (800) 747-3365 to discuss your options and learn more about getting the most out of your marketing with sales-ready referral generation services today.