HD300-SSD Dual Purpose Hard Drive Shredder


The HD300-SSD Solid State Hard Drive Shredder has a dual head cutting chamber that will shred solid state hard series1-ssd-shredder-infeed_lo
drives, flash drives, and thumb drives on one side and HDD hard drives on the other.  Each chamber has its own shred width, infeed slot, throughput rate and discharge bin. Only one cutting chamber may be used at a time and it can only be used for its intended e-scrap. These SSD shredders may be stationary or placed in trucks for mobile hard drive shredding.

HD300-SSD Dual Purpose Hard Drive Shredder

Machine Specifications

Printable Specs

Power Requirements (Voltage) 208, 230, 460 – 3 Phase
Motor Output (Horse Power) 3
Shred Width HDD Drives (Inches) 1.5
Shred Width Solid State Drives (Inches) 0.375
Infeed Dimensions W/H (Inches) TWO INFEEDS – Each slot: 5/2
Standard HDD Drives/Hour 550-600
Standard Solid State Drives/Hour 550-600
Weight (Lbs) 1,550
Size L/W/H (Inches) 53/21/44
Standard Features
Heavy Duty Casters, On/Off Key, Lit Viewing Window, Discharge Bin, Powder Coated Finish
Available Options
Forklift Pockets, Output Conveyor, Backlit Laser Etched Custom Logo, Caster Brackets