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Hard Drive/Solid Sate Device Shredding – In-House or Contacted Service?

Ok, so you have decided that shredding your old hard drives and solid state devices is the best way to destroy the proprietary and personal information stored on your electronic devices.  Now comes the decision as to whether purchase a hard drive and/or a solid state device shredder or have a service come to your business location to shred these devices for you. Obviously, if you have 10 hard drives per month, purchasing a hard drive/solid state shredder is not a cost effective way to annihilate Read More +

Degaussing vs Hard Drive Shredding

Information destruction is becoming ever more important in our ever growing dependence on electronic devices.  We store our user names, passwords, sensitive files and personal information on our electronic devices and don’t even think about much of what happens to that information when we trade in those devices.  Fortunately we have a choice on how to destroy the information on our hard drives, in our computers, laptops, and copiers as well as the memory chips in our cell phones, flash drives and tablets. Magnetic destruction, Read More +